Watch: Chamika Karunartne reveals how and why Hardik Pandya gifted him a bat

July 30, 2021 at 6:39 AM

Sri Lankan all rounder Chamika Karunartne was the find of the tournament for Sri Lanka, with an impressive performance with the bat and ball.

Chamika was seen receiving a bat from Indian all rounder Hardik Pandya in the 1st T20 game and Chamika termed Hardik as his role model. Speaking to Sony studio after the 3rd game, Chamika revealed the story behind how it all happened.

He said he asked Suriyakumar Yadav that he would like to speak to Hardik and get a bat from him. SKY spoke to Hardik, and he was good enough to fulfill Chamika’s wish.

Chamika also said “Hardik Pandya is a nice human being, the bat he gave was a quality bat and we don’t get that here, I am thankful to him, he even messaged me after the game and advised me about what to do to become a better cricketer”.