Angelo’s unique record further extended after Bangladesh fails to appeal

May 1, 2021 at 7:40 AM

Former Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews holds a unique batting record in Test matches.

Of all batsmen to who have played the game with a minimum of 100 innings, Mathews has the highest ‘innings to duck ratio’. Mathews rarely gets out without scoring a run. He has only 2 ducks in his 160 inning test career.

Former West Indies skipper Clive Lloyd is 2nd in the list of batsmen who have the highest innings to duck ratio, with a ratio of 43.8. Mathews leads the table with a ratio of 80.0.

This unique record came in to highlight during the 2nd Test between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh when Mathews nicked off to the keeper when he was on Zero and Bangladesh failed to appeal. Mathews later got out after scoring 5 runs in the first innings.